She works in mysterious ways. Her radiant smile says a lot about the uncanny resemblance of her soul and that of the universe. Her eyes are like the stars of a moonlit night. Her grace is like an artist’s imagination, it only grows with time. She is like the high note of a classical composition, like the last stroke of brush of a masterpiece. She is sometimes too perfect to be real but her presence puts an end to every possible question.

She is like a wild Orchid, casting her fragrance and radiance all over me and like a bee drunk on honey, I chose to follow her till the end of eternity. Her vibrant colors are much brighter than the rainbow and I can’t help but smile every time my memory flashes a photo of her. It feels better than the sunrise and perfection feels like such an understatement at those moments which pass me by like an oasis on a distant desert.

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